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Brief History

Hyderabad is the second largest city in the province Sindh. It is the fourth largest city in the country. The city was founded in 1768 by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro upon the ruins of a Mauryan fishing village along the bank of the Indus known as Neroon Kot.Formerly the capital of Sindh, it serves as the head quarter of the district of Hyderabad.Before the creation of Pakistan, it was known as the Paris of India, for its roads used to be washed with river water.Hyderabad, now a day, is a hub of educational activities. In this district a good number of colleges are established most are affiliated with University of Sindh.

Government Colleges in Hyderabad

S.No. Name Of Colleges Location
1 Federal Government College of Science and Technology Cantt area
2 Government Degree College Kohsar Kohsar
3 Government Nazareth College Tilak Incline
4 Government Shah Latif Girls College Unit No 6 Latifabad
5 Government Boys Degree College Qasimabad Qasimabad
6 Government Girls Degree College Qasimabad Qasimabad
7 Government College Kaiimoree Kaiimore
8 Government City College Shohad-e-Murree Road
9 Government Gulaam Hussain Hidayat Higher Secondery Ulla Fort Area
10 Government Muslim Science Degree College Tower Market
11 Sachal Sarmast Arts & Commerce College Herabad
12 Government Zubeda Girls Degree College City Gate
13 Government Ghazali College. Latifabad No 8
14 Safiee College. Saddar


Private Colleges in Hyderabad


Name Of Colleges


1 Superior College of Science G.O.R Colony
2 Institute Of Modern Science Gul Center
3 College of Excellence (Excellence Education System) Latifabad Unit No 7
4 Bahria Foundation College Latifabad Unit No 2
5 Preston College G.O.R Colony
6 Eden Grammar College Qasimabad
7 A1 Falah Boys College Latifabad Unit No 6
8 Sindh Homoeopathic Medical College Near Press Club Hyderabad
9 Sindh University Model College Old Campus
10 County Girls College Opposite Shahbaz Building

Above mentioned government and private colleges may be categorized in different way as Boys Colleges, Girls Colleges, Science, Arts and Commerce Colleges, Undergraduate and Graduates Colleges. These colleges offer degrees of F.Sc., F.A., I.Com., B.Sc., B.A., B.Com and some degree colleges offers M.A, M.Sc. and M.Com. These colleges produce manpower in great strength and offer their services in government and private sector.

Historical Background of Muslim Science Degree College Hyderabad:

In 1925 the Muslim Education Society was established by Mr. Noor Muhammad Lakheer in Hyderabad city. In 1934 (present Noor Muhammad High School) delivered to Muslim Education Society and named “Hyderabad High School”. In 1937 after the death of Mr. Noor Muhammad Lakheer the name of this school was changed from Hyderabad High School to his name “Noor Muhammad High School”.

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the building of Noor Muhammad High School was divided into two portions. One portion for Noor Muhammad High School and second for Muslim College.

The Muslim College was established in 1958 and offered the subjects of Science, Art and Commerce at intermediate level. On 25th September 1972 the Muslim College was restricted only for Science subject at intermediate level.

In 2009 it had given a status of Degree College and named “Government Muslim Science Degree College”

The Muslim Science Degree College is called the heart of Hyderabad city. In this college number of great scholars and permanent professionals were attached and associated as principal. Below table shows the name of principals/ In charge from its inception.

Names of the Principals from its inception

S.No. Names of Principals Tenure
From To
01 Mr. Aaga Kalb-e-hyder 1958 1959
02 Mr. K.A. Niyer 1959 1960
03 Mr. A.M. Nizamani 1961 1966
04 Mr. Muhammad Umer Memon 1967 1969
05 Mr. Asad Beg kalich Beg 1970 1971
06 Prof. A.M. Nizamani 197J 1972
07 Mr. Muhammad hafeez Qureshi 1972 1972
08 Prof. A. Hakim Shaikh 1972 1973
09 Prof. Saiyid Basit Ali 1973 1974
10 Prof. Khwaja Khalil Ahmed Siddiqi 1974 1976
11 Mr. Alamchand Chansani 11-11-1976 04-05-1977
12 Prof S.M. Inam-ul- Haque 05-05-1977 06-08-1979
13 Prof. Syed Qaisar Raza 1979 1980
14 Prof. M.A. Siddiqui 24-05-1980 13-07-1981
15 Prof. Syed Qaisar Raza 14-07-1981 04-081981
16 Prof. Altaf Ahmed Shaikh 05-09-1981 24-07-1985
17 Dr. Shrif Memon 25-09-1985 29-08-1989
18 Prof Syed Qaisar Raza 30-08-1989 25-01-1990
19 Prof Ghulam Rasool Baloch 26-01-1990 11-08-1991
20 Prof. Altaf Ahmed Shaikh 11-08-1991 26-10-1993
21 Prof. Syed Qaisar Raza 27-10-1993 08-03-1994
22 Prof. Altaf Ahmed Shaikh 09-03-1994 02-11-1994
23 Prof. Syed Qaisar Raza 02-11-1994 19-02-2001
24 Prof. Abdul Samad Ansari 20-02-2001 01-01-2001
25 Prof. Nasrullah Shaikh 01-01-2002 23-05-2002
26 Prof. A.M. Abbasi 23-05-2002 25-08-2003
27 Prof. Nasrullah Shaikh 25-08-2003 30-04-2007
28 Prof. Muhammad Aslam Rajput 30-04-2007 02-05-2008
29 Prof. Muhammad Nawaz Channa 02-05-2008 01-11-2010
30 Prof. Ghulam Ali Jamali 29-01-2011 24-08-2011
31 Prof. Dr. Mirza Imam Ali Baig 24-08-2011 To- Date

Staff of the Government Muslim Science Degree College

Teaching staff

At present, the total strength of Teaching staff is 40.

S.No. Designation Grade Number
O1 Associate Professor BPS-19 08
02 Assistant Professor BPS-18 12
03 Lecturers BPS-17 27
    Total Staff 47

Above the total strength of teaching staff are 50 which are well experienced and committed with their fields. Moreover, there are 38 non-teaching staff are serving. Below a table is given to shows the strength of non-teaching staff in college.

Non-teaching Staff 

S. No.

Designation Grade


01 Principal BPS-20 01
02 Librarian BPS-18 01
03 Director Physical Education BPS-17 01
04 Superintendent 16 01
05 Assistant 14 02
06 Senior Clerk 09 01
07 Junior Clerk 07 05
08 Lab Assistance 07 07
09 Lab Attendant 03 05
10 Peon 02 05
11 NCC Guard 02 02
12 Watch Man 01 03
13 Cook 01 02
14 Gardener 01 01
15 Sweeper 01 02

Total Staff



Government Muslim Science Degree College is situated near Tower Market Hyderabad Sindh.


The building of College Consists  Classrooms, Laboratories (Physics Chemistry, Botany,Zoology and Computer), Library, Staff room, Office for the ministerial Staff and Office for the Principal.


The College has Garden, Library, and fully equipped laboratories.

Admission Policy:

The admission policy is prescribed by Government of Sindh; as under:-

1. (a) 20% seats on open merit irrespective of District.

(b) 65% of available seats in the college shall be filled in from the candidates from the schools situated within the taluka Matiari.

(c) 10% of the seats shall be filled upon the basis of:-

  1. Extra curricular activities,including boys scouting.
  2. Sons, daughters, real brothers and sisters of employees of the Sindh Education Department.

The above admission will be granted strictly on the merit basis within category.

(d) 5% of remaining seats will be filled up in consultation with the Government.

2. The students securing ‘D’ ‘E’ Grade ie., below 50% of marks in the Secondary School Certificate Examination in Science group are not eligible for admission to First Year Science (not even on sports or any other criteria and under any circumstances).

3. The applications for admission must be made on prescribed form attached with the prospectus. This must be accompanied by:-

  • One photo stat attested copy of Provisional Certificate of passing last examination.
  • One photo stat attested copy of detailed Marks Sheet.
  • Eight recent passport size photograph of applicant.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Students selected for admission should submit an undertaking for non indulgence in party politics, in pursuance of Supreme Court’s decision on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/-.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory.
  • Students are required to wear college uniform.
  • No student shall be allowed to leave the college premises before college hours.
  • Students should bring their  college Identity Card; otherwise they will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Names of the students remaining absent for continuous period of 15 days, shall be struck off from the college roll.
  • Punctuality of time will be strictly observed, no student will be allowed in class room after 10 minutes of the start of classes. 

Library Rules:

Membership of the college library is compulsory. Students are required to submit an application on the prescribed form available from the college library for membership. After the receipt of the application form and other formalities having been fulfilled the Librarian will issue a BORROWER’S CARD to the student members of the library. A member student can borrowthe books under Rs. 10/- only.

Students Affairs:

Students are required to observe discipline in the strict  sense of the word, both within and outside the college. Any breach will render  the students liable to expulsion. The Administrative Council reserve the right to be the sole and final authority in all matters pertaining to disciplinary action expulsion, imposition of special fines, interpretation of rules and all  the such connected matters.


The college has prescribed uniform (Dark Green Pant and Light Green Shirt along with Dark Green Tie).Students are required to wear the uniform.

Free Text Books:

To increase the enrollment, Free Text Books along with Practical Journals for the Students of Class XI and XII of Science, Commerce and Arts are provided by Sindh Government.

Co-Curricular Activities:

On different Occasions, festivals are celebrated in which activities like debates, seminars, Seerat conference, Quiz competitions, book fair and science fair etc., are performed.

Extra Curricular Activities:

1.Games: Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis and volleyball.



For smooth running of college affairs the work is distributed among various committees i.e.

  • Admission Committee
  • Advisory/Discipline Committee
  • Vigilance Committee
  • Magazine Committee
  • Culture Committee
  • Gymkhana Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Time Table Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Academic Committee


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