Distribution of Goods Among Rain Affected People at Karam Khan Nizamani

On Monday the 19th September 2011,My Friend Mr. Naveed Ahmed Shaikh Sahib sent me some money from Karachi to purchase and distribute some daily use goods among the rain affected people of Village Karam Khan Nizamani.On the same day I purchased these goods and prepared 50 bags.Each bag contained the following goods.



1 1Bag Rice of 3Kg
2 1 Bag Ghee of 1 Kg
3 1 Bag Flour of 5Kg
4 1 Tea Packet of 200g
5 1 Sugar Bags of 2 Kg
6 1 Box Ticky Pack Biscuits
7 1 Bag Daal of 1Kg
8 1 Litre Milk
9 1 PacketChilli Powder of 100gram
10 1 Packet Salt National Iodine
11 1 Toilet Soap
12 1 Detergent Soap
13 4 Small Detergent Powder Packets
14 10 Panadol Tablets
15 1 Match Box

On 20th September I went to the Karam Khan Nizamani and distributed these bags among needy people who were living in GBPS and GGPS Karam Khan Nizamani.


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