After completion of my studies in 1988,I started my professional carrier as shop owner. I established a shop with name “HIGHLY MOD” in October 1988.In this shop I started with Photocopier, then stationary, then Books and finally General Store. (Within 3 years). During this I established a cement shop and a fertilizer shop.

 Then in 1990,I applied for the post of lecturer in Physics through public service commission Sindh and appeared in interview in 1991.Finally I got the offer letter on February 17,1992 and joined as LECTURER IN‌ PHYSICS at Government College Matiari on 19th February 1992.

When I started to deliver the lecturer, the classes of class XII were officially suspended and the students of class XI were wandering in the garden of the college. I gathered them and started my first class on 23rd February 1992.There were only 35 boys present on that first day. After that the number of students increased and it went up to 70.

In 4 months up to May 1992,I completed the 6 chapters with problems and let them free for the preparation of examination only one week before the examination.

During these 4 months and after that, I faced a lot hurdles created by local teachers who were not getting the classes.

These students became the best students of the college and we arranged a lot of events and participated in the events at board level. Such as, 

  • Celebration of Religious and Cultural days (Seerat Conference,Latif day)
  • Books, Cultural and Science festivals
  • Intercollegiate Cricket Tournaments
  • Picnic and Study Tour Programs
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Musical Programs
  • College Magazine

Due to my Academic and Co-Curricular activities, I could not pay proper attention to my shops, which resulted in financial loss. At that time I was earning very handsome amount from all 3 shops in comparison to the government service, but now I had to choose one way, so I felt that I am doing a sacred job by teaching the students of my area, so I sold all three shops and paid full attention to my students carrier.In my whole carrier of 2 years, I have earned only 7 days leave (After my marriage in 1996, because we went to Honeymoon).

After service of 7 years at the end of 1998, I was transferred to Government Boys College Qasimabad and in 2003 I came back to Government College Matiari,where in 2005, I was promoted as Assistant Professor of Physics and after the creation of District Matiari,I became the District Officer Education (Academic & Training) Matiari,and worked for the betterment of educational environment in District Matiari.

On this post some considerable works done by me were,

  • 14 Literacy Centres for women were established, where 340 women became literate under ESR Program in 2007.
  • 20 Subject wise Training programs were arranged for the teachers who were teaching Mathematics and English in High and Middle Schools for class 6 to 8.
  • Three Taluka wise Professional Development Centres were established under ESRA DIG-3 Program.
  • 10 Week Training Program was arranged for Administrators and Managers at Matiari in 2006 Under ESRA USAID.
  • One Year computer literacy program was arranged for all the Administrators and Managers, Head Teachers and Clerks in 2007 under ESRA USAID.
  • For three years (which is still continue) conducted Centralized Annual Examination of class 4 to8.
  • Conducted the meetings with villagers to enhance the enrolment.

I worked on this post from October 2005 to February 2008, without proper office, then established the office adjacent to EDO (Education) Matiari Office and remained at there up to 17th June 2008 and was relieved by Mr.Muhammad Sajan Mallah EDO (Education) Matiari and reported to Secretary Education Government of Sindh.After passing two painful months without salary, I became the District officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) Matiari.

On this post some considerable works done by me were, 

  • For the very first time in history of SEMIS, I started Union Council wise meetings with the Head Teachers of Middle and Primary Schools, because they were fully unaware about R.S.U, S.E.R.P, STIPEND, S.E.M.I.S, and Annual School Census Form. The Primary Teachers mostly are unable to read the ASC form in English, so I prepared the Data collection form in Sindhi and taught them how to fill.For Annual School Census I conducted the similar UC wise workshops in 2008 and got the good results, due to my efforts I was announced as BEST DOE (SEMIS) in Sindh and next year R.S.U included the Sindhi and Urdu in ASC forms and announced UC wise workshops policy for whole Sindh.
  • For SERP TOP-4 (Rehabilitation of Schools Program) I personally visited the school for need analysis.
  • Time by Time represented the District Matiari on larger forums.
  • Arranged capacity building workshops for ADOEs and Supervisors.
  • In 2011 derived the Enrolment Enhancement Drive at significant level.



Annual School Census 2011-12 Workshop held on 26th December 2011 at P D C Matiari



Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12 Meetings with Community





Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12 Door to Door Campaign




Enrolment Enhancement Drive 211-12 SEMINARS




Enrolment Enhancement Drive 211-12 Rallies




Advocacy Seminar on 19-4-2011 for Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12




Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12 Official Meetings




Annual Census 2010-11 Workshops




Annual Census 2009-10 Workshops




Annual Census 2008-09 Workshops




Community Mobilization




Literacy Centres for Women




Subjectwise Training of High School Teachers




Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking (Project)



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