My Brothers

Dr. Sayed Allah Obhayo Shah  Ph.D (Chemistry) {1940 —  2001} 

He completed his study from  London in 1968.First Sindhi Chemist,he served SANDOZ Pakistan from 1970 to 2001 and at the time of death was working as Director Operation at CLARIENT Pakistan,which was chemical part of SANDOZ.



Dr. Sayed Shahzado Shah M.B.B.S {1955 —  1999} 

He was graduate from L.M.C Jamshoro,remained as Captain Doctor in Army for initial two years after graduation,then became Servant of Sindh Government in 1985 and at the time of his death in car accident,he was working as Medical Superintendent in Grade-19.




Sayed Muzamil Hussain Shah MSc.(Agriculture) {1956}

He remained as Agricultural Officer in Agricultural Extension Department Government of Sindh and retired in 2010.Now is cultivating his own Agricultural Land.

Sayed Muhammad Zaman Shah MSc. (Entomolgy) {1957}

He is working as Director I.C.U (Inspection and Complaint Unit) at Zarai Taraqiyati Bank Hyderabad,he started his career as M.C.O (Mobile Credit Officer) in Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan in 1984.





Sayed Afzal Hussain Shah M.A (Economics) {1963}

One of the famous growers and businessmen of Matiari.He is grower and his own Car Showroom at Hyderabad.



Sayed Ali Akber Shah  M.Sc. (Chemistry) {1964 — 1988}

He completed his study from University of Sindh,but in june 1988 was killed by the terrorists in front of his home.

Sayed Ali Asgher Shah (Matric) {1966 — 1984}

He had kidney problem,so could not continue his study.

Sayed Sardar Ahmed Shah M.A (Economics) {1973}

He is a Banker and  is working at Allied Bank of Pakistan since 1995.Since last 12 years he is working as manager and at this time he is  AVP.




Sayed Ali Hyder Shah (Matric) {1974}

He is businessman.

Sayed Haq Nawaz Shah M.A (Islamic Culture) {1976}

He is businessman.

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