My Achievements


  • Lecturer (19 February 1992)
  • Assistant Professor (25 May 2005)
  • Associate Professor (29 May 2014)
  • Principal (BPS-19) 12 December 2019
  • Professor/Principal (BPS-20) 22 December 2022

Positions in District Government

  1. District Officer Education (Academic and Training) 2005 to 2008
  2. District Officer Education (SEMIS and Planning) from 2008 to 2013

Assignments & Achievements in District Government

  • Worked with NGOs (Aga Khan Foundation, HANDS, SHADES, SGA, SAIF) at district and provincial levels to improve educational standards.
  • Represented District Government in various symposiums, seminars, and workshops
  • To improve the quality of education, held union council-wise meetings with the head teachers of primary, middle, and high schools.
  • Conducted Central Local Annual Examinations every year for classes I to VIII for 3 Years.
  • Worked with ESRA (USAID) to train teachers.
  • Served as ESRA USAID focal person for DIG III (District Improvement Grant) program.
  • Prepared Two-year (2006-2008) and five-year (2006-2010) literacy plans for District Matiari.
  • Working on District Literacy Program, established 14 Adult Literacy Centers for women in different villages of District Matiari.
  • Prepared the ‘SDSSP’ plan for District Matiari from 2005 to 2008
  • Acted as focal person of RSU (Reform Support Unit) Education and Literacy Department for SERP program through which Rs.100 million was allocated for lacking facilities in primary schools of District Matiari Sindh.
  • From time to time organized training workshops based on various needs for capacity building. DOEs, ADOEs, DDOEs, supervisors, head teachers, and teachers.
  • In the year 2006, successfully passed the examination and interview conducted by the Education and Literacy Department of the Government of Sindh held for different projects.
  • Trained 263 Presiding Officers (Grade 17 to 20) of District Matiari on behalf of UNDP and the Election Commission of Pakistan for the General Election 2008.
  • Worked on continuous improvement and benchmarking project of the Asian Development Bank in collaboration with NIPA Karachi.
  • Worked with the British Council on the ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project.
  • Conducted subject-wise training for 360 HSTs.
  • Established Disaster Management Education Cell at the district level in collaboration with local and national level NGOs.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Basic Officer (by District Government Matiari)
  • Bhittai Award (by District Nazim Matiari)
  • Best District Officer Education (SEMIS and Planning) Sindh from 2008 to 2013 by (European Union- RSU Sindh- British Council
  • Best Master Trainer by DTW (ESRA -USAID).
  • Best Principal Award by College Education Department Government of Sindh

 Steps & Achievements for Improvement and Promotion of Government Boys Degree College Matiari

  • Cleared the garbage from the entire college.
  • Arranged parking spaces in front of the main gate of the college.
  • Paint the verandah
  • Raised the main gate and made them workable.
  • Roads were built from the main gate.
  • Build a new garden.
  • Stopped the movement of people in the college and the entrance of private people.
  • Vacated the occupied block of the post-graduate center of the college from the road and building department, which was occupied for last 15 years
  • Purchased the latest computer and printer for the office o the principal.
  • All the printers of the college were set up
  • Set up CCTV cameras
  • Repaired and installed Air Conditioners.
  • Celebrated sports week, celebrate various national and religious days.
  • Students participate in various sports and hosted various events at the regional level.
  • Printed colorful files, letter pads, envelopes, and admission forms for the college.
  • The has more than 2000 books according to the syllabus and references for the library as per the requirement of the students.
  • Established a digital library, which includes 10 new computers, their trolleys, chairs, sound system, book racks, reception desk, scanner, printer, projector, 50-inch screen Android television, wireless system, Wi-Fi system and charging cabinet.
  • Installed fiber wall and blinds in the staff room
  • Installed a 55-inch Android television in the staff room
  • Installed concealed electrical fitting in the staff room, clerk office, and 4 classrooms, along with new L.E.D lights.
  • Installed new electrical fittings in the main block, along with a panel system, and new L.E.D lights.
  • Repaired and painted the fans.
  • Installed false ceilings in the clerk’s office and classrooms.
  • Installed fiber walls and built wall-to-wall cabinets in the clerk’s office
  • Repaired all the office furniture of Clerks office.
  • Glazed windows and cupboards in laboratories, re-fitting water pipes, and screened all windows from the outside.
  • Arrange study tours and picnics for students
  • Installed 2 dish antennas and 2 receivers
  • Install a 6500-watt solar energy system for the whole college.
  • Installed fog lights outside the main building.
  • Streetlights were installed throughout the college.
  • After heavy rains in August 2022, the college started classes immediately by draining 7 acres of standing water.
  • A scientific, cultural, and book fair was held from December 20 to December 22, 2022, in which students and citizens of the entire Matiari district participated, and on the last day, women from the entire city participated.
  • Organize a picnic for the college staff.
  • Planted 500 plants and trees.
  • A 500 feet boundary wall was approved and constructed on the south side of the college.
  • Water RO Plant.
  • Large 16 X 4 feet whiteboards were installed in the classrooms
  • Purchased a full-size portable Audionic sound system for college