Government Departments




Maintenance of Record of Rights (ownership) relating to the properties of private persons and different Government and Non-Government Departments / Organizations / Agencies.

Collection of agricultural data and statistics relating to ownerships and agricultural output.

Partial, assessment and recovery of various Jamabandi and Non-Jamabandi items, taxes, cesses etc. under Land Revenue Act, 1967.

Trial of various cases under Revenue Laws.

Trial of cases specially under prevention laws, minor acts as Special Judicial Magistrate.

Issuance of Domicile / PRC etc.

Preparation of emergency and disaster plan and implementation of such plans during emergency and unforeseen disasters like flood, fire, epidemics, earth quick accident.

Miscellaneous assignment given by Government like holding elections, census and moves against the wide spread diseases like Polio etc.

Managing the programmes of VIP movements and arranging their protocol during the national and seasonal celebrations.

Managing fares and Melas.

Allotment of land to the landless haris as per land grand policies of the Government in vogue.

Regularization of villages and issuance of sanad to the shelter-less.

Issuance of pass book to the land holders to facilitated them for obtaining loans from various schedule banks for the improvements of growers.

Initiating land acquisition proceedings for the requirements of land to Government for public purposes.

Dealing with court cases, NAB, Ombudsman & Miscellaneous issue.

Checking of prices of essential commodities, fertilizer and pesticides in capacity as Special Judicial Magistrates.

Implementation of Ehteram-e-Ramzan Ordinance.

Preparation of Budget for Revenue Department.

Implementation of NPIW program.

Any other assignment given by the Government.

OFFICE Telephone No.
Additional Deputy Commissioner  ADC-1 022-2760034
Additional Deputy Commissioner  ADC-2 022-2760035
Assistant Commissioner Matiari 022-2760353
Assistant Commissioner Hala 022-3332444
Assistant Commissioner Saeedabad 022-2767232
Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Matiari 022-2760252
Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Hala 022-3332410
Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Saeedabad


OFFICE Telephone No.
Senior Superintendent of Police 022-2760020


022-2760016 (Fax)

022-2760433 (Res)

Superintendent of Police (Investigation) 022-2760021
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Head Quarter) 022-2760026
Supervisor Police Officer Taluka Matiari 022-2760246
Police Station Matiari 022-2760208
Police Station Bhitshah 022-2762248
Supervisor Police Officer Taluka Hala 022-3332148
Police Station Hala 022-3332407
Police Station Saeedabad 022-2767222















Name of Police Station / Unit

P.S Matiari
P.S Shah Pur
P.P Allah Dino Saand




Unit No. Location
District Head Quarter Hospital 01 Matiari City
Taluka Hospitals 03 Matiari
Rural Health Centres (R.H.C) 04 Khyber
Oderolal Station
Bhaledino Kaka
Basic Health Units  (B.H.U) 20 All Over the District
Dispensaries 15 All Over the District
Maternal Child Health Centres (M.C.H.C) 01 Hala Old









After the devolution plan and creation of District Matiari, the Executive District Officer of Agriculture was made responsible to monitor and supervise the work of components of the Agriculture Department under the District Government. The components of the Agriculture Department working under the Executive District Officer Agriculture are:

  1. Agriculture Extension Department
  2. Forest Department
  3. Animal Husbandry / Livestock Department
  4. Fisheries Department
  5. On Farm Water Management Department.

Core functions and responsibilities

During the 2011 MTEF period, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) aligned its core

function and responsibilities with the provincial outcomes.

The first core function of the Department is to ensure vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities and

food security for all through sustainable agrarian reform with a thriving small and large farming sector; improved

access to affordable and diverse food; improved rural services to support livelihoods; improved employment

opportunities and economic livelihoods; and an enabling institutional environment for sustainable and inclusive


The second core function is the promotion of environmental integrity that supports human well-being and

economic efficiency through water resource protection; reduced greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and

improved air quality; sustainable natural resource management; and protect biodiversity.


                                     OFFICE Telephone No.
E.D.O Agriculture 022-2760368
District Officer (Agriculture Extension) 022-2760040
District Officer (Forest) 022-2760085
District Officer (Fisheries) 022-2760078


OFFICE Telephone No.
Superintended Engineer 022-2760044, 022-2760049 (Fax)
Executive Engineer  (Buildings) 022-2760059
Executive Engineer  (Roads)
Executive Engineer  (Education Works) 022-2760283
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Buildings)
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Buildings)
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Roads)
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Roads)
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Education Works)
Assistant Executive Engineer  (Education Works)